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Medicine Online Work-Related Learning

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We partner with NHS trusts to bring students localised programmes

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We have continued to partner with local NHS trusts across the UK to bring students the most relevant and insightful work experience programmes as possible. This localised approach gives students the opportunity to get an even more realistic overview of what a healthcare career within their neighbourhood will look like, whilst building relationships with local industry professionals and leaders.




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Workshops with employers

You’ll meet professionals in live
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Complete all work and assignments at times that are suitable to you.

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Add the experience to your CV and Personal Statement.

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Health Education England

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You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.

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 Medicine Online Work-Related Learning

Candidates will be enrolled from 19th July, and will continue to be enrolled following that date.

There is no deadline for this opportunity. Candidates will be enrolled from 19th July, and will continue to be enrolled following that date.

This programme is open to candidates that live in South East England.

We have joined forces with Health Education England to bring students an Medicine online work-related learning programme. The programme will provide an overview of what a career in Medicine can offer, as well as develop key skills for the profession. There’s also the opportunity to hear from NHS professionals, learn about their day to day work, as well as about the different areas of Medicine and complete assignments. Upon completion, participants are awarded a certificate, which can be useful for CVs, Personal Statements and interviews.

There is around 10 hours of activity which can fit around other obligations. There are pre-recorded webinars. During this 10 programme the following areas will be covered:

- The World of NHS
- A career in Medicine
- General Practitioners (GP)
- Surgery
- Medicine
- Psychiatry
- Oncology
- Cardiology
- Clinical Teaching Fellows
- Pathology
- Orthopaedics
- Paediatrics or Anaesthetics
- Careers